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There is no doubt about it Covid19 (Coronavirus) has changed our lives and business landscape for the immediate future and potentially for the long term too, so we have diligently put together our Covid19 plan and we would like to share it here for you so you can see what we are doing, why we are doing it and what to look out for when inviting a home improvement company into your home and lives.

The following are the RULES that ALL companies should adhere to and following the Rules is how we, Frames Conservatories Direct will operate.

LOCKDOWN V2 5th November 2020

In-line with the UK Governments guidelines we are closing all our showrooms until advised differently, however the good news is we are still open for business.

During this lockdown period we can not invite you to view our fantastic array of home improvement products in any of the showrooms in Bury St Edmunds, Ely or Diss, but we will re-open them just as soon as we are able to.

SALES – We will still visit your home to prepare a quotation however we will NOT enter your property for the pre sale process, our sales team have been briefed and can still provide you with a fantastic service and guide through our products so that you can place your order ready for installation at a later date.

SURVEYING – As part of the construction industry guidelines we can still install your products and as such we will be carrying out surveys, although they maybe slightly different the surveyors are fully trained and equipped to carry our surveys with your safety in mind.

INSTALLING – We have a well rehearsed procedure for carrying out installations in the COVID era so you can be assured we will only enter your home if we are fit and well enough to do so. All of our installation teams are checked each morning and their temperature is recorded for your peace of mind. So relax, if we say we can and it is appropriate to do so we will be installing throughout this lockdown period.

SERVICE CALLS – Where we can, we will maintain our aftercare service and be here to take care of your needs, we will have a limited service available so we ask you to be patient with us.



Minimise pre-installation visits
We will use phone calls, emails and conference calling apps like WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom to get in touch with you to minimise contact before the installation.

To help you choose the perfect products for your installation, sales advisors will use images, digital visualisation tools and screen-sharing.

Your measurements
To avoid a visit to your home, we may request from you photos of your property and rough measurements so we can provide an initial quote.

External Survey
Where possible, we will try and carry out any pre-contract property surveys externally, using PPE and distancing measures.

Keep a social distance
Please maintain a distance between your family and our team. Keep any pets away from the work areas and avoid using spaces where work is taking place.

Surveyors will complete and provide you with a self-assessment to confirm neither parties are suffering from Coronavirus symptoms.

Installation teams will work safely in your property to protect your household members by adhering to a government-approved checklist of safety measures.

Clean surfaces
Disinfect surfaces around the working area in high traffic areas such as door handles and shared toilets before, during and after work is carried out.


Is there anyone with underlying health conditions living at the property?

Is there anyone with symptoms of Covid19 living in my property?

Could anyone entering my home affect my health or those living with me?

Are there any sick or elderly people living in my home who could be affected by external tradespeople?

Will anyone (such as a tradesperson/surveyor) visiting my property be affected by working in my home?

Can I isolate anyone who is sick or elderly from the tradespeople in my property?

Is the company Covid19 compliant?

Are you comfortable that the company are following the government guidelines and have produced the correct documentation?

Check out websites of any companies you intend to quote you for your work. All documentation must be on the website.

  1. Government certification
  2. Method of working
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Safe practices
  5. What happens now.


We will take great caution and implement safety measures when entering your property to carry out any installation. However there may be cases where we are unable to enter the property unless it is an emergency.

Very High Risk
We will not enter properties with vulnerable groups unless it is an emergency. (No)

High Risk
We will not enter key workers properties unless it is an emergency. (No)

Medium Risk
Where the property is occupied but there are no Coronovirus symptoms we can enter the property with measures in place. (Yes)

Low Risk
We can enter empty properties safely with measures in place. (Yes)

During any installation, it is in our best interest to keep the members of your household safe, as well as protecting our team.

We will work with you to take all of the necessary precautions outlined in this guide. If you have any questions please get in touch.

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They should be working to this Safe Guide or something similar that references the government guidelines.

All their employees should be safety aware and adhere to government health guidelines. So:

Expect workers to operate 2 metres apart.

They should wear gloves and/or face coverings when in enclosed spaces.

They should have hand sanitiser available and make a commitment to frequently clean/wash hands.

They should be aware of the areas of your home where they can enter or not – please make it clear which parts of your property that are prohibited.

They should have floor coverings.

They should clean down with disinfectant all surfaces they have handled or installed at the end of each day – including cleaning any new windows or door frames and any glass/seals or beading.

They should eat away from the property – either in their van or outside.

They should bring their own food and drink for refreshment breaks and lunches.

Plans should be made for any access to washroom facilities/toilets.

They should make the working area safe at the end of each day.


Unfortunately, not all Home Improvement Companies are the same, we have recently heard about one of the high pressure firms flouting the rules completely for the sake of a sale of two additional windows.

This is what happened, before the lockdown, they knocked on the door of an 84 year old lady, they pressurised her into have all but two windows replaced, they duly installed them. Earlier this month May 2020, they called to carry out a post-installation inspection where they would check the windows that had been fitted, all in the name of good customer service!

The sales rep that turned up and entered the home, had no PPE, did not adhere to any social distancing protocol, did not inspect the windows that had been fitted and proceeded to try and sell with pressure the two remaining windows. They demonstrated absolutely no regard for the safety of the homeowner who by the government’s categorisation is high risk and vulnerable, all for the sake of a sale for two windows!

We don’t need to say we do not work like that. We are a family firm and we don’t just demonstrate we care, we actually care!



  • We remain consultative, we always have been, it is one of our core principals of the business. We never need to pressure people into a sale.
  • Initial consultations will be done remotely either over a suitable video conferencing call or over the phone, whichever you feel more comfortable with.
  • We will visit your home but it will be different and before we do we will ask you 4 key questions, these 4 key questions will be consistent throughout our dealings with you.
    1. Is there anyone in your household who is self-isolating because of covid19?
    2. Has anyone in your household shown recognised symptoms of the coronavirus?
    3. Is there anyone in your household that is categorised as coronavirus vulnerable?
    4. Is anyone in your household an NHS or key worker? 
  • Should a YES be answered to any of the above we will not enter your home.
  • If we do need to visit, wherever possible we will measure externally and any face to face meetings will either be conducted outdoors or in a well ventilated room that is spacious enough to adhere to social distancing rules.
  • Once we have gathered enough information we will present you with a quotation electronically, should you wish to accept that quotation we will turn it into an electronic order form for signing remotely.


  • Once an order is received you will be sent an email containing further Covid19  details.


  • You will receive a phone call to book in the survey during this call you will be asked the same 4 key Covid19 questions, should a YES be answered we will postpone the survey until such time as your household can accommodate us or the rules are further relaxed.
  • Wherever possible all measurements will be done from outside, should the surveyor need to enter your home they:-
    1. Will have the correct PPE
    2. Have sanitised their hands
    3. Will ask you to observe a strict social distancing protocol.
  • During the survey you will be handed a pre-installation checklist, this will need to be checked through and handed to the installation team when they arrive to install.


  • You will receive a phone call to book an installation date, during the phone call you will be asked the 4 key Covid19 questions. Should a YES be answered we will postpone the installation until such time that your household can accommodate us or the rules are further relaxed
  • When our installation team arrive, they will ask you the same 4 key Covid19 questions and assuming there are no Yes answers, they will hand you a document stating that they are fully prepared and ready to install your products. The document will clearly show you the steps they have taken to prepare for the task in hand.
  • They will ask you for your pre-installation checklist that should be fully completed and signed by you.
  • They will then commence installing your products.
    1. They will lay a removable plastic sheet from point of entry to the working area
    2. Any area’s they work in will be sanitised when they have finished
    3. They will remove the plastic sheeting back to the point of entry so in effect we will not have contaminated any surfaces in your home and any surfaces we have physically touched will be cleaned and sanitised before they leave.
    4. For installations that last more than one day, we will leave your home as if it was the last day everyday so that we never expose you to any form of surface contamination.
    5. The installation teams are dedicated pairs and are temperature checked every morning before travelling to your home.


  • Please respect and observe strict social distancing protocols
  • Please do not offer the surveyors or the installation teams food and drinks
  • Please try to ensure doors and windows are open to promote as much airflow as possible
  • Please direct the installation team to the area of work
  • Please prepare for the installation, it is your responsibility to cover up anything that you wish to protect i.e Televisions, sofa’s, tables, general furniture etc. We will protect the area in the immediate vicinity of the area we are working in only
  • Please try to ensure the absolute minimum of people are present in the home during installation
  • Please keep all children and pets away from the area’s we are working in.

Hopefully, you can see from the above, we are taking as many precautions as we can to protect you and to protect our teams

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