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Planning and designing the right solution for transforming the way you use your home is one of our biggest passions. Loft conversions are a brilliant way of creating a functional living space in a room that already exists. Lofts are often the forgotten part of a house, storing old junk and Christmas decorations. However, with the right building work, lofts can be transformed in to a much-needed bedroom, lounge area or office.

Most houses have a loft area that can be utilised. That’s why an attic conversion is one of our most popular requests. When we visit your property to assess the space in the loft. This conversion assessment will work out the area of workable space and considers a few things including:

Obstacles – we make note of any structures or obstacles, including tanks and chimney stacks.

Head height – there will be very low areas within the room owing to the shape of the roof. However, there should be a useable space with a height of over 2.2m.

Roof structure type – the two most common structures in British house design are framed and fink truss section. Framed roofs are often found in houses built before 1960. Framed roofs are the best types of roof from loft conversions, and only require a bit of added support. Any fink truss-roof houses require far greater structural support, given the engineered design of a fink truss they tend to be thinner and more lightweight. Therefore fink truss conversions tend to be more a little more expensive.

Stairs – A steady staircase is necessary for a loft conversion, as there will be more of a steeper incline than an ordinary staircase. There are various building regs for safe staircases that our designers can help with the calculations required to ensure your project passes all external scrutiny.

Windows – dormers and skylights must be considered when planning a loft conversion. These areas are ideal for gaining as much natural light as possible.

Fire safety – when opening up a loft to join the main body of the house, fire safeguards must be put in place. Our team will be able to manage this, but items like an extra fire alarm, and escape window and a fire-resistant floor are all mandatory.

One of the good things about picking a reputable loft conversion company like Frames Conservatories Direct is that you get unbeatable service, as well as building and health and safety know-how. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your conversion will be carried out to the very highest standards.

Building a loft conversion is not only an investment but, if done well, a valuable asset. We want to be completely sure that what we build exceeds your expectations.

To see how one of our loft conversions can transform your home, please fill in the online form above and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or you can ring us on 0800 2800 472.

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*We endevour to pass on the manufacturers waranty that we recieve for the goods that make up the products installed for you.The vast majority of our products are guaranteed for 10 years but some products come with a limited guarantee such as In-Glass Blind Systems – one year, Conservatory Roof Self Cleaning Glass – five years.

Guarantees were made transferable 1/1/2016 the new owner may call on the Guarantee as if they were the original purchaser if the guarantee was activated and issued.Guarantees were not specifically transferable before 2016

For a Guarantee to be active the agreed contact price must be fully paid up.


We’ve Been Improving Homes Since 2001

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