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Day 10 and still pedalling

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Day 10 and still pedalling

“I’m reaching out to you from a drizzly road somewhere between Holland and France. 


It’s Day 10 and as a team we have cycled 2,280 miles! There’s a head wind, my legs are heavy and I won’t go into detail about my sore bits!

What keeps me going is knowing that, as tough as this might be, nothing is tougher than losing a child and that is the reality that many families face.  I am cycling in team Amelia and it’s her adorable little face that keeps me strong.

Hope House Children’s Hospices provide a safe, caring, optimistic environment for children like Amelia to spend their precious days.

If you’ve already given I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you haven’t given it would mean the world to me and Amelia if you could.

Seeing my fundraising total rise gives me great inspiration to carry on through the last couple of days.  We have the toughest climbs still ahead of us but if you can donate I know I can do it.

Please give what you can – thank you”


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