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Are Conservatories Worth It? The Answer Worthy of Your Time

At Frames Conservatories Direct, we love the way conservatories add space and light to any home while bringing the outdoors closer. Because they are so important to us we make it our mission to deliver only the best design and execution. Are conservatories worth it? We think they do and we’ll be happy to explain why.

Value and Desirability

Adding a well-conceived conservatory is an important decision with a significant budget and some facts to have in consideration. Technically speaking, conservatories do not add value to a property as they are not regarded as habitable space. Therefore, they are not taken into account as surface area in the foot print of a property. We like to be honest about things.

Conservatories do add a lot of desirability. Imagine two homes identical in every aspect, one without a conservatory and one with one of our beautifully crafted conservatories. It is easy to conceive that the one with the conservatory will sell easier.

Space and Light

Financial considerations aside, if you need an extra room for relaxing, playing or working, then a conservatory might be the perfect solution. Plus, with us, you get a conservatory that you can use all year round. Let us explain you a bit more about our process.

After a site visit, the design stage and roof integrity test will take place, before anything is built. Once commissioned, our technical surveyor and building supervisor visit the site to plan the build stage. When they’re satisfied with it, your dream conservatory starts to take shape.

We’re not planning obsessed, we only want to protect you and your home so has to add the maximum desirability possible to your home.

Are conservatories worth it? If planned right and built right, absolutely. Contact us using the online form or simply give us a call at 0800 2800 472 and let us clear all your doubts about how a conservatory can be a great addition to your home. Find out more about our conservatory designs and costs.

Written By: Julie Cole

Marketing Assistant. Loves skiing, cooking, holidays, reading and working out with Joe Wicks!

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