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Conservatory Refurbishment

Areas we cover include Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Yell, Haverhill, Ipswich, Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Stowmarket, Sudbury, Thetford & Cambridge.

Is your existing conservatory too in the summer or too cold in the winter? By using modern solutions we can modify existing conservatories to give you a space you can comfortably use all year round. Time to consider a conservatory refurbishment project?

Old glass or Polycarbonate roofs let the summer heat over power your conservatory meaning you can’t sit in comfort due to the oppressive heat build up. Conversely in the cooler months they let the heat escape. Coupled with inferior glazing or poorly fitted side frames and doors it really is a recipe for turning what can be a pleasurable space to relax into a space you can only use when the ambient temperature allows.

Let us investigate with you just what our conservatory refurbishment process can do to turn the space you have into a comfortable environment for relaxing, dining, entertaining or just enjoying regardless of what the outside weather is doing.

Case Studies

Mr & Mrs A from Bury St Edmunds, replacement roof, gable frame and increased size

Conservatory Refurbishment Before From Fcdhomeimprovements
This customer has an Conservatory with a polycarbonate roof, It was a classic case of too hot and too cold, plus they wanted to increase the size and turn it into a room they could use all year round.
So we increased the size of the base, used brick piers to increase the thermal efficiency and fitted a new roof with our high spec T3 glazing. The glass used in the roof has a distinctive blue hue and rejects solar radiation, while retaining heat in the winter. As an added benefit it is also self cleaning! We finished the roof of with a decorative cornice detail, as shown in our Conservatory Finishing Touches section.
Conservatory refurbished by

Mr and Mrs R from Bury St Edmunds, new hybrid solid roof

Conservatory Refurbishment before picture
This customer had a polycarbonate roof and old timber frames with the classic problems that stopped them from enjoying their space in the garden all year round.
With the addition of our warm roof and new UPVc side frames and doors they can now relax in their comfortable garden room all year round. With the addition of glazed sections the room is light, airy and keeps the warm in and the summer sun heat out. It is also finished off with a decorative cornice.
Conservatory refurbishment after photo

Miss W from Steeple Bumpstead, Haverhill

Old timber conservatory before refurbishment
This old timber framed tiled roof glazed extension was in need of some help.
With the addition of Chartwell green UPVc side frames and French Doors the little tiled roof glazed extension was given a new lease of life.
Tiled roof conservatory after refurbishment

Over 4 million people in the UK have a conservatory.  We estimate that up to a third of those are wasted space because they are too cold to use in the winter and too hot to use in the summer. This is a tragedy for the innocent conservatory and a waste of investement!  After all a high proportion of a conservatory build cost goes into the basework and by correctly engineering  the side frames, doors and roof we can turn that unusable space back into what it should have been in the first place.

Window, frame and roof advancements are happening all the time so don’t write off your existing conservatory until you’ve spoken to us. Changing the frames, glass and roof can TRANSFORM your existing conservatory into a room you can comfortably enjoy all year round.  And because you already have the base, the cost might be less than you think. If you have a conservatory that needs saving call in the ‘Frames Conservatory Direct Conservatory Refurbishment Team’ and you could soon be enjoying  your transformed conservatory all year round.


We will arrange a suitable time to come and have a look at what you have.  We’ll listen to your concerns with your existing conservatory and what you would like from a new one.  We’ll then talk to you about the conservatory refurbishment options and come away to put together a design for your transformed conservatory.

Once you are totally happy with the conservatory we have designed for you and you are ready to go ahead we will carefully manage the whole installation process for you. Our customer service team will be on hand at any point during the installation to answer any questions you may have and keep you informed about the progress of your conservatory installation. You will be given a dedicated Customer Service Team telephone number to use during the process.

To give you peace of mind, we promise:

  • 10 Years Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • A Professional Service From Start To Finish
  • Flexible Funding Options
  • The Highest Level Of Security And Energy Efficiency
  • Award Winning Customer Satisfaction
  • The Only Installer In The Area With a BSi Kitemark For Installation

To see how we can transform your unloved conservatory please fill in the online form above and we will contact you as soon as possible. . Or you can ring us now on 0800 2800 472.

We look forward to working with you and helping your vision come to life.

Thank you


Adrian Lewis
Owner and Managing Director

Frames Conservatories Direct

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Conservatories typically do not require planning permission unless your property has something called ‘permitted development rights’ (PDR) removed. Ordinarily you would know if PDR’s had been removed as your conveyancing solicitor should have pointed it out. If you’re looking for conservatories with bi folding doors that span more than 4m from the original house back wall then you will need planning permission, 3m from the back wall of semi detached properties.


Conservatories are deemed to be outside of the building controls regulation regime. In the eyes of the regulations they are deemed to be non-habitable spaces. Building Control continue with this view point for as long as there is a doors of external grade quality between the house and the conservatory.


Unfortunately, as there are no building control standards applicable, some unscrupulous companies will try and get away with the very minimum they can. It is not unusual for us to come across conservatories that have no foundations supporting them. This becomes an even bigger problem if the property owner wishes to convert a conservatory into a garden room with a solid roof which will gather the interest of a building control officer.


As there are no applicable building regulations concerning the construction of a conservatory. It is not uncommon to find conservatories on what we call “scrape and pour” footings. This will be a very shallow trench, sometimes as shallow as 100mm, on which the conservatory is built on top of. A Frames Conservatories Direct conservatory is always built on a minimum footing depth of 600mm, sometimes deeper if we believe the ground conditions will warrant it.


Technically a conservatory cannot be open to the house so it would be peculiar to assume how a kitchen in a conservatory would work. But the rules state as long as there are doors of exterior grade between home and conservatory, the construction will fall outside of building control regulations. That being said, a conservatory that complies to full building regulations would be openable to the kitchen and could make a great addition to any home.


Conservatories are subjective and everyone will have a different reason for wanting one and with a range of designs, styles and materials, the choices to make can seem overwhelming. But relax, we have a wealth of knowledge and can help you design the space you want either to dine in, relax in or work in.


The cost implications of investing in one of our conservatories is not to be taken lightly, so let’s look at the hard facts.
1. Conservatories do not add value to a home. Now while that might sound a little disappointing at first it is because they are not deemed habitable spaces and therefore do not add any extra foot print to your home.
2. Conservatories add desirability. Two identical homes for sale one without a conservatory, and one with one of our superb conservatories, it is very conceivable that all other things being equal, the one with the conservatory will sell easier.
3. Conservatories add much needed space. So you’ve found your ideal home but you are lacking a little space to entertain your friends or a special space to relax in. A correctly designed and engineered conservatory will add the space you need. So on reflection, investing in a conservatory after all might just be a great idea!


Depending on the size and complexity, conservatories can either be very expensive or very affordable. One thing to bear in mind though, it is a major purchase and as such, where possible, do not overtly allow budget to rule every decision making process you might have. It is always possible to boost your available budget by having your conservatory on finance.


No, there is no such thing as a standard conservatory in our eyes. Each and every one of our conservatories is bespoke to your needs. It could be a conservatory with bifolding doors that open up a full side of the building. Or a conservatory with sliding doors that simply open up to the garden so you can enjoy the views while enjoying your special space. It’s all about what ever you have in mind.


As each design is bespoke to each customer, your choice and your ideal conservatory might be different to mine. You might decide that a conservatory with a glass roof is your preference while I might decide to investigate conservatories with tiled roof costs. Your needs might include looking for conservatories with one brick wall, while I might be looking for


Our conservatories with glass roofs are self cleaning so maintenance of the roof is very little. Conservatories with polycarbonate roofs need to be cleaned carefully as they are not weight bearing and extra care should be taken. Conservatories with tiled roofs need additional care, check to see if your tiles can be walked on, as the natural slate tiles might break. Cleaning the glass and frames should be done with a non abrasive cloth and a non volatile cleaning product, do not use any form of solvent to clean your conservatory frames.


With a wealth of experience in conservatory design and installation you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to make your dream space become the space of your dreams. Whether you are looking at conservatories with flat roofs or conservatories with lantern roofs. Some of our clients have asked for conservatories with verandas as an additional edge to their dream space. You can be assured that our highly experienced designers and installers are more than capable of designing and installing your dream conservatory.


The fundamental design difference between conservatories and orangeries is the roof. Conservatories with lantern roofs are actually orangeries, yet internally some conservatories with glass roofs can look like orangeries! Let’s cut through the noise and determine what is an orangery. They typically have more wall than a basic conservatory and the roofs are flat typically with a lantern although it is possible to have two or three lanterns.


If you choose our conservatory design and installation service it is possible to keep just about anything in them with a couple of common sense exceptions. A conservatory is not normally heated so if it is minus 6 outside it will be chilly in your conservatory (as it would be in any room in the house without heating.) Conversely, if it is a glorious 30 degrees outside and the conservatory is all shut up, then it stands to reason that it is going to be rather warm in your conservatory. So bearing the above in mind, have your space correctly designed and use it according to the weather and your needs and keep whatever you choose to keep in it.

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