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Conservatory Roof Replacement – WARNING!

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Conservatory Roof Replacement – WARNING!

A Conservatory roof conversion offer too good too resist?

After another great week at work, it’s got to Friday evening, I open my front door to find a pile of Junk Mail. In that Junk Mail was an offer of a ‘SUBSTANTIAL SUBSIDY‘ if I contacted this “****** Space” company to have my 75% transparent conservatory roof converted to a ‘Thermally Efficient’ conservatory roof by taking out what ever is there and replacing it with solid panels. OUCH!

I first wrote about the proliferation of conservatory solid roof conversions some time ago ( you can read the full article HERE ). The problem remains with snow loads and it’s so easy to forget about snow loads when we are in the middle of a blistering heat wave! But do yourselves and your families a favour and at least consider all the facts when deciding what is the best thing to do when you are considering a solid roof conversion for your conservatory. Don’t just take my word for it CERTAS have an excellent piece on their website which you can read HERE 

It goes without saying, if you want some straight talking, open, honest advice feel free to get in touch and we will do our best for you. But heed the warning, a collapsed roof due to excessive snow loading on an ill designed conservatory roof conversion will potentially hurt more than just your wallet!

snow damaged conservatory roof

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