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Conservatory Too Cold in Winter And Too Hot in Summer?

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Conservatory Too Cold in Winter And Too Hot in Summer?

Is you Conservatory too Cold in Winter – Yet too Hot in Summer ?

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “Too Hot or Too Cold” when people are talking about conservatories but what is the solution?

All Year Round Conservatory Roof from

In days gone by, conservatory roofs were built with thin wall poly carbonate sheeting, these sheets allowed sunlight in while keeping the cost down. They are still used today for budget conservatory roof systems but not they should not be used when you want to enjoy your conservatory all year round. Polycarbonate then evolved into darker less see through with extra special sun blocking powers. Then glass came along, available in clear or tinted, glass certainly helped with the other polycarbonate problem ‘NOISE’, when it rained you can hardly hear yourself think let alone relax in your new conservatory!

With the advent of glass, conservatories became effective greenhouses and the temperature control measures required to keep the space usable all year round became extreme to say the least, expensive air conditioning became an option.

In winter it has been known to be cold, would you expect to be able to comfortably watch TV in the lounge with no heating on in the depth of winter? No you or I would not expect to be able to do that, you would have some form of heating on. The same goes for your conservatory, some heat maybe needed to keep you warm, but if you have a polycarbonate roof with little or no insulation properties all the heat you put in would be wasted.

So is it possible to have a conservatory that you can use all year round? How do you go about getting a conservatory space you can enjoy all year round without suffering a sauna or spending more on heating than it would cost to sent the family away on holiday.

Option 1. Would be to use a multi chambered Polycarbonate sheet with a ‘HeatGuard’ property

Option 2. Is a solar controlling glass roof

Option 3. Is a solid roof conversion

Number 1 will give you some protection, but you will still hear the rain.

Number 2 will allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year and if you couple that with our comfort glazing solution for the side walls you truly can experience year round comfortable use of your conservatory.

Option 3 turns your conservatory into a glazed single storey extension, you loose the light but gain insulation, this tends to be the popular solution for people who have just had enough of the ‘old style conservatory’ issue outlined above.

Frames Conservatories Direct have some great solutions that we can demonstrate physically in our showroom, from the effect of heat reflecting glass to the visuals of multi chambered polycarbonate sheeting, to the 3 solid roof alternatives we have on display. To find out more about our conservatory roof options click here.

Feel free to pop by and see for yourself, Conservatories do not need to be ‘Too Hot in Summer yet Too Cold in Winter (or at least ours don’t!) and yes, we can retro fit one of our roofs onto your existing conservatory.

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