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How are Conservatories Built? All the Details by the Best Experts

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How are Conservatories Built? All the Details by the Best Experts

We are proud of building some of the most solid conservatories we know. And solid is a very good foundation for a conservatory as these gives you more options when it comes to altering or expending a conservatory. But exactly how are conservatories built?

Digging Trenches for Solid Foundations

The most striking piece of information about building conservatories is that there are absolutely no regulations to it. This means each company can choose the way they want to build it. And we have seen it all.

A lot of the cheap, inefficient conservatories we see have hardly proper base. Sometimes the trenches go only about 100mm below, to which we call “scrape and pour” footings. We often see this when we get called to transform a conservatory into a garden room with a solid roof which requires a much stronger structure.

Our footing trenches are always at least 600mm deep and sometimes deeper if we deem necessary. To have a great visual of the foundation of our conservatories and the several layers from below ground to ground level on from the outside to the inside, click here.

Solid Foundations for a Quality Conservatory

Our top-notch base building, along with the great design you have chosen in collaboration with out design consultant ensure that you will have a conservatory to enjoy all year round for many, many years.

Our conservatories also come with 10 years of insurance backed guarantee, award-winning customer satisfaction. Additionally, we are the only installer in the area with a BSI Kitemark for installation, proud of doing an excellent job coupled with professional service throughout.

To know more about how are conservatories are built, contact us through our simple online form or call us directly at 0800 2800 472. Your dream, solid conservatory can start taking shape sooner than expected!

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