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3 Reasons to Build Orangeries Watton

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3 Reasons to Build Orangeries Watton

Do you live in the market town of Watton and are considering your options on how to add value to your home? FCD Home Improvements recommends adding orangeries Watton!

Orangeries first come into vogue in the 16th century because wealthy landowners wanted to grow citrus fruits like lemons and oranges that were becoming a household staple on dinner tables as the trading business with the Mediterranean grew. Having an orangery was a sign of class and status as growing oranges and lemons in the United Kingdom would otherwise be impossible  and the conditions inside the orangery had to be just right for the fruits to be able to grow.

Nowadays, people use the word “orangery” interchangeably with “conservatory” which means the space isn’t just for growing fruit anymore.

Therefore, we thought we would list a few enticing reasons for why you should have an orangery built for your home.

1.) Versatility and function

As mentioned above, orangeries now serve multiple purposes from extending your kitchen and dining room area, being an indoor garden, a children’s play room, a second or larger living room space and an entertainment nook.

2.) All the options you can choose from when deciding on the details!

After you’ve decided you wanted to extend your home, you will have the ability to decide all the little but important structural details. For example, deciding if you want a more traditional and classical design with an orate crown on the top or if you prefer a more simple and minimalist approach like the Lean-to style.

3.) The ability to role play as an interior designer

Once you decide what function and the other structural details you would like your orangery to have, you can go all out on designing the layout of the room. Choose a theme and color patterns that you want to enrich the space! Play with textures and make the space feel like it was always a part of your home.

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