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We offer a range of solid but stunning wooden conservatories. With so many different looks and styles, you will be sure to find the perfect timber conservatory to suit your property. While it’s not our most popular choice of material we are aware that certain people and properties prefer wood over aluminium or UPVc.

The image gallery on this page shows what is achievable in a Wooden Conservatory while the ones shown may well be in a different material.

We have been building Conservatories for over 19 years and we have a collection of highly skilled tradesmen at your disposal. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your Wooden Conservatory project.

It is easy to presume that all conservatories are made from white UPVc however, we have a variety of materials that we use to construct a conservatory, and one of those is timber. Wooden conservatories provide a fantastic frame for the conservatory of your dreams. They create a luxurious and stylish appearance and can be painted to any shade of your choice, so it perfectly complements your home.

Of course, the timber we use is all hardwood and/or engineered redwood, to ensure longevity and complete stability. These types of wood also guarantee resistance to warping and shrinking.