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Front Door Colour What Does The Colour Say About You?

19th Apr
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Just for fun, if you were choosing a new front door, what colour would you choose?  You may be surprised to find that it reveals a lot about your personality.


Visitors to your door can expect a peaceful and relaxing space filled with home comforts. You take pride in your home and the community you live in.



Grey is the colour of now! You are style conscious and sophisticated. You are knowledgeable and likely to enjoy a quiz night but dignified enough that you wouldn’t boast about your win! You are the peacemaker and the voice of reason in a conflict.



The colour of calm and relaxation.  Your home is a refuge.  An oasis of tranquility.  It will be your door that friends knock on when they are in need of re-assurance. You are reliable and thoughtful – a loyal friend.



Synonymous with one of the most famous doors in the country – no. 10!  If you choose a black door you mean business.  You command authority but carry a slight air of mystery.  Guests to your home can expect formal elegance.



Red – the colour of passion!  A red door says “Welcome”, “Come In”.  You are bold and like to be the centre of attention.  You are full of energy and live life to the full.  Party guests at your house will find a great host, games and dancing til dawn.



Choose white and everything is alright. This door says “no dramas here”. You are organised, tidy and like a clean house.


Golden Oak

This classic door says stability and safety.  You are a home-maker so any visitor is likely to be greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and home-made cookies.  You are generous, particularly with your time and will always lend an ear to a troubled soul.



The home behind this door is a home which is loved.  It is the heart of this household and is where everyone feels happiest.  A Rosewood door suggests that there is much to see and experience within.  Shelves lined with books, gardens in bloom, walls filled with family photos and holiday memorabilia.


Door Colour Survey

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Whatever colour front door you choose – it will be right for you.

Visit our showrooms in Bury St Edmunds or Ely or give us a call and arrange for one of our designers to visit.

Written By: Julie Cole

Marketing Assistant. Loves skiing, cooking, holidays, reading and working out with Joe Wicks!

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