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Not All Double Glazing Companies Are Created Equal

10th Jun
Zenith Sales Trainer

BBC Watchdog aired a disturbing insight into the unscrupulous selling tactics of Zenith Home Improvements on their show on Wednesday 5th June (available to watch on BBC iplayer). These kinds of exposes make our blood boil as much as they do yours because they give the whole industry a bad name. There are many many genuine, honest independent Home Improvement Companies like us who despise the high pressure selling tactics such as those employed by Zenith. If you’re a homeowner you have probably had the misfortune to experience such practice at some point in the past. Salespeople who outstay their welcome by 4 or 5 hours. Over inflated prices which are then ‘discounted’ in return for an advertising board or a signature on the night. The programme sees one couple from Nottingham whose original quote of £17,000 for 7 windows was first discounted to £11,000 then further to £6,000 for a cash sale, only to be told that the company doesn’t actually accept cash as a payment!

Undercover filming by BBC Watchdog witnessed a training session where new Sales Reps were blatantly told that the original price is completely fictitious in order to delight the customer with the amazing discount they are then offered, making them feel they have secured a bargain.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are around 25 million houses in the UK – at same point they are all going to need new windows and doors. Why this industry in particular is plagued with rogue traders is beyond us but we think that there is enough business available to share amongst reputable Home Improvement companies that unscrupulous sales tactics are not necessary. The Independent Network was set up to rid the industry of these companies and of the stigma that they bring to the sector. Independent Network have set out to raise the standards in the industry and thoroughly vet every installer who wants to join. This vetting includes a thorough review of company finances to ensure they are stable, an insistence on minimum levels of qualifications for all installation teams and a high standard of professionalism from sales staff which is measured by gaining feedback from every customer for every job completed. We joined Independent Network 5 years ago because we too wanted to raise standards.

Only by consumers rejecting companies such as Zenith will these rogue tactics be pushed out. If you are looking for a genuine quote for windows & doors from a reputable installer there are ways to find them. Independent Network is one, you can find your closest installer on their website. Equally you can use Which Trusted Traders who also carry out intensive reviews of installers which they choose to endorse. Always read independent reviews before you choose to invite an installer into your home. Review sites such as Checkatrade and TrustaTrader verify their reviews for authenticity so you can trust what you read on there. Obviously we would like you to include Frames Conservatories Direct amongst the installers you choose. With us there will be no over inflated prices, no calls to the Manager and no discounts for cash or for leaving us a good review. We are transparent, open and honest. To prove this we don’t even take a deposit when you place an order. If you would like a genuine quote from a genuine company get in touch.

Written By: Julie Cole

Marketing Assistant. Loves skiing, cooking, holidays, reading and working out with Joe Wicks!

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