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Beware Dirty New Tricks

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Beware Dirty New Tricks

We have heard on the grapevine that some home improvement companies within our industry are playing some rotten new tricks on their customers.

This is how their dirty trick works……

You will have had a sales representative in your home for too long, lets call him Roger, eventually Roger will make you an offer that he can’t actually stand by, it will definitely be too good to be true,  and to make it even easier for you Roger will reduce the deposit to say 10%

So imagine Mr and Mrs Smith having a quote, the process has taken 3 hours plus and they are trying to get Roger out of their house. The first quote was £19,000 after numerous phone calls to the management and head office they reduce the quote to £10,000 (where it probably should have been to start with). Mr and Mrs Smith still hold firm and then Roger comes out with something like the following. “I really want to help you Mr and Mrs Smith and If I can do the job for just £7,500 and reduce the deposit from 30% to a mere 10% can we have a deal”

In context this is at the end of a very slick high pressured presentation and seems too good to be true so Mr and Mrs Smith take up the offer, after all they have bought something allegedly worth £19,000 for £7,500 and had the deposit reduced from £3000 to £750.

They have a cancellation right so on the face of it they are all ok?

Well no because the surveyor visits and informs them that they can’t do the job for £7500 it needs to be £12,ooo! Mr and Mrs Smith demand a cancellation to which they are entitled but find they are not due a refund because they have had the benefit of a service by the surveyor. So they either pay the additional £4,500 or lose the £750 either way they are going to lose out.

So the moral of this little tale, “If it sounds to good to be true it generally is”!

The best way to safeguard yourselves against such despicable practices is find a firm you can trust.

You can be sure that Frames Conservatories Direct can be trusted as we NEVER ask for a deposit! We will always have provided value before asking for payment.

Frames Conservatories Direct, family owned, family run with true customer, best intentions at heart.

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