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Period Properties and UPVC can go hand in hand

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Period Properties and UPVC can go hand in hand

Interesting to see how the adoption of modern materials can help and benefit older historic buildings. I believe there is a place for UPVc and it can be sympathetically used in period buildings, but there is a balance to strike. It has to look right and be in keeping with the character of the building itself. Thankfully we are able with our specialist ranges of Sliding Sash, Flush casement and lipped casement windows we can look at older properties and sympathetically bring them into the twenty first century energy efficiencies. That has to be great news for everyone, beautiful homes kept to look the way they should without the rising cost of heating them escaping through old inefficient glazing.

The excerpt that follows is taken from a post by the editor of magazine John Cowie in October 2013 and demonstrates that there is a change happening within the legal framework and conservation of period properties. Gone are the days when UPVc windows came in just shinny white!

‘Nonetheless, it is encouraging news for our sector, as was the recent outcome of a long battle over an installation of PVC-U windows in Llandudno. Having installed PVC-U windows in a property on the recommendation of a council employee, the property owner was subsequently told by the council to remove the windows and replace them with single-glazed timber frames as the building was a Grade II listed building. This would have cost the owner a further £70,000 which was economically unviable. An enforcement notice was issued to remove the PVC-U, which then resulted in the property owner being taken to court. Despite pleading guilty to the failure to act on the enforcement notice, the owner was given an absolute discharge by the magistrate. PVC-U can work just as well in heritage locations, and offers an economically viable method of refurbishing properties. It’s about time councils updated their pre-conceptions of PVC-U and appreciate how it can work well in tandem with historic buildings.

John Cowie – Editor’

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