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We offer a diverse range of beautifully designed UPVc Soffits. Made from UPVC, these provide protection, a neat finish and zero maintenance. What are UPVc Soffits? When you look up at your roofline trim such as the guttering on a house. The section that is fitted horizontally as you are looking up is the Soffit and obviously if they are made from UPVc then they are maintenance free and called UPVc Soffits. A well maintained roofline, with a tidy soffits can make a huge difference to the overall look of a house. However maintaining this area of the house can be difficult. The height and scale of the job means it normally needs to be left to a professional. However, UPVC soffits require no maintenance other than the occasional clean down.. Soffits are the architectural terms used to describe the material which forms a ceiling from the top of an exterior house wall to the outer edge of the roof. It can also be known as “the eaves”. It is found just beneath the fascia board on the roofline of a building. When constructed, the soffit is typically screwed or nailed to the rafters. The profile can vary from a few inches to a few feet, and all depends on the type of structure it is on. UPVc Soffits can be non-ventilated or ventilated for cooling an attic space. A grill that covers the venting opening on the bottom of the soffit is called a soffit vent which we can supply if required in either a strip vent or a circular vent. As part of our UPVc Soffit and roofline service, we will:-
  • Remove all old roofline components including fascias, soffits, guttering and barge boards
  • Remove and replace old felt under the first row of tiles
  • Attach brand new soffits to your roofline
  • Fit new felt tray with concealed over soffit ventilation
  • Replace roof tiles back to original position
  • Install a bird comb barrier to prevent birds from nesting in the soffits
  • Remove all rubbish from site
  • This process – particularly if it involves maintenance-free UPVc Soffits, shouldn’t require any more work for many years to come. We organise our own scaffolding and/or access equipment and comply with all the Work at Height 2005 Regulations. All our roofline products come in a range of colours and styles to suit your home and personal taste.

*We endevour to pass on the manufacturers waranty that we recieve for the goods that make up the products installed for you.The vast majority of our products are guaranteed for 10 years but some products come with a limited guarantee such as In-Glass Blind Systems – one year, Conservatory Roof Self Cleaning Glass – five years.

Guarantees were made transferable 1/1/2016 the new owner may call on the Guarantee as if they were the original purchaser if the guarantee was activated and issued.Guarantees were not specifically transferable before 2016

For a Guarantee to be active the agreed contact price must be fully paid up.


We’ve Been Improving Homes Since 2001

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